1. Download and extract WadBot

Disable your Antivirus


Download WadBot, copy the zip archive to your desktop then right click on the file and select extract here or Extract all.

2. Register and activate your license

Go to The WadBot Forum and register an account with no special characters in your username and password, then confirm your email by clicking the confirmation link (VERY IMPORTANT - Your WadBot License won't work unless you confirm your email)
After confirming your e-mail, go to This Page to activate your account

It will return the amount of days you have left.
If it returns a "0" it means you didn't activate your email before redeeming your license (You will need to buy a new license since it cannot be recovered)

3. Do Your LoL Settings

Launch Practice tool

Choose Ashe, Kogmaw, Twitch etc and use Lethal tempo

buy 5 Nashors Tooth and Boots.

Get level 18, then press Shift+B to place a dummy




4. Run WadBot

Exit Vanguard

Run WadBot as admin and login with your forum credentials

Click "Change enemy color"and follow the instructions


Have fun!